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Below is the complete library of SNM Published books, which include 7 author novels and 6 individual titles from SNM. The authors are paid royalties for each sale, so please support them. We only publish professional, top quality horror & dark fiction.

The Hookman Legacy - Hayley Bernard, 30k words: $6.00 *Apr

Necromantic Screams - Ryan Daily, 40k words: $6.00 *New!

Dead Words, Deaf Ears - Ryan Daily, 40k words: $6.00 *May

Pretty Death Music - Brett Graham, 93k words: $12.00. 

Suspentia - Brett Matthew Graham, 70k words: $10.00 

The Trespassers – Brett Matthew Graham, 88k words: $13.00

Algorithm of Nightmares - Jeff Parsons, 70k words: $10.00

Resurrected Rituals - Steven Marshall, 110k words, 15.00 

Soul Stealers - Steven Marshall, 30k word (novelette): $10.00  

Gently Bleeding – Steven Marshall /Authors, 56k words: $12.00

The Banished – Steven Marshall, 71k words: (novel) $13.00

*Occultica – Steven Marshall/Brett Graham, 55k words: $10.00

*Puppet World - Marshall/Graham, 30k words: $6.00 *New!

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Gently Bleeding

The Banished


*Puppet World 

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The Trespassers 

Pretty Death Music


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  Steven Marshall - Brett Graham - Puppet World


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100 pages, 30,000 words: $6.00

*Now Available on*


3 short stories by each author about puppets, dolls, marionettes and mannequins. Picture life from behind the eyes of puppet dreams, seeing us as the fake, superficial world. Do puppets come to life when we sleep or do we become paralyzed when puppets wake and take on a life of their own? This is the second collaborative novelette by Brett Graham and Steven Marshall.


5.0 out of 5 stars So worth it!, May 29, 2014
This review is from: Puppet World (Paperback)
Exceptional Tales of Terror!

The Masters have done it again! Writing three shorts each in speculative horrific fiction, these stories will seep into your mind and capture your imagination taking you into a world of such realistic insanity. You will never look at puppets the same way again. Each work is spectacularly original - worth every second of terror it provokes. These are great stories!

I must admit to having a couple favorites. These two stories in my opinion are worth grabbing the book by themselves! My first personal favorite is from Steven Marshall. It is titled Strung Out. I kept thinking about this story, and went back to it to re read. It has one of the creepiest scenes ever. As I read the story I could feel, physically feel tugging and pulling but I won’t tell you why! You absolutely must read it for yourself! I was so inspired, I went back to another book by Steven called Rituals of Terror, another must read!

The next story worth buying the book for by itself is one by the other word master Brett Graham, called Nesting Doll. I am so impressed with this man’s imagination and his original ideas, I have to go out and grab another novel of his Pretty Death Music. This particular short story is fascinating in its realistic possibilities. You just never really know what you might find at a flea market. It could be a treasure worth millions, then again, maybe not! If you ever have gone to a yard sale or perused the stalls of a flea market you must read this story. It is mesmerizing and left me wanting for more!

This is a superb collection of terror! Short reads that will have your heart pounding reaching for the next page. Grab this collection and enjoy the nightmares!
~Kerry Morgan
Pagan Imagination

   Steven Marshall - Resurrected Rituals


Direct Buy Book Link:

340 pages, 110,000 words: $14.95

*Now Available on*


All great events begin with one tiny action. These actions have dire consequences. Ones that can lead to heartbreak, disease and perhaps the end of the world. Welcome to the lives of the characters that initiate this chain of events. They may not know each other, but their timelines and meeting points intersect, triggering a domino effect that changes their lives in ways they never imagined possible...until it becomes too late to do anything about it.

This is not just their world. And this is not the lives they envisioned for themselves. This is their living nightmares come to life, leading up to their demise as they unleash brand new diseases that threaten to obliterate the existence of mankind.

...These are Resurrected Rituals.


5.0 out of 5 stars
"This will darken your daydreams and illuminate your nightmares!"
January 31, 2013
This review is for: Resurrected Rituals (Paperback)

Resurrected Rituals. Something Old, Something New and Something Blue. Wedded together as three: brought back to life, 6 tales from an old wicked tome, Rituals of Terror, presented alongside 6 new stories with a theme - all inextricably twisted together into a tragedy of cause and effect, and interspersed throughout, and ending with dark poetry. 

Well-crafted, engaging, intriguing – these are the trademarks of a great novel in my humble opinion. Steve Marshall gets a great novel review from me because of his ability to scare a reasonably well-seasoned reader such as myself. I don’t scare easily, so, when I get creeped out by a book, I know that I’ve had the privilege of being entertained by words far above and beyond the norm.

How was I entertained? It was a damned good read. The characters are alive, the scenes are vivid and the plot flows smoothly within each of the sub-stories. His writing is seamless, so you don’t get lost in the words, you get caught up in the story. As to the places he’ll take you, well, you better be prepared.

There were many times in my reading of the book when I experienced the ‘Oh no, don’t you go there’ feeling. Understand: I didn’t want to read any more. Too much for me. But I couldn’t stop. I wanted to know. There were scenes in this book that took me out of my comfort zone, which is the point of a horror story. This book will take you to other worlds, dimly lit by moody atmosphere, somehow familiar, yet unfamiliar, like a dream that slips unknowingly into a nightmare come to life in the worst way possible.

The book theme revolves around shattered lives of people as common as you and I. Their tragedy begins as the whims of fate compels them to take action; sometimes inescapably, sometimes recklessly, always tragically, they attempt to take control of their lives, their emotions stretched to the limit of sanity. They experience the agonizing horror of mysterious afflictions, unforeseen misfortunes; never-ending calamity. For me, the intriguing hook is how these things start and how they’re expressed in different lives. From the simplest of moments in the one's life escalating, to the most gruesome: sitting on a park bench talking to stranger, kissing the wrong person, pure seduction, taking an airplane flight, being abused, hurting others, becoming infected and infecting others, and finally, all humanity succumbing to the plague within you.


The book mirrors the tapestry that is nature: the delicate life-thread of any one character is often interwoven with many others, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes not. The characters don't know each other, yet through a colorful variety of places and timelines, their actions create a chain of events that unleash a plague of new diseases onto the world, and making a mysterious prophecy inevitable. We are interdependent - one mistake, one bad decision, one tragedy, can affect us all.


Last, but not least, there is the Dark Poetry section. The short poems have been spread, here and there, throughout the book, and at the end, the book has a section devoted to them exclusively. They're brilliantly crafted and clever because they paint a mental picture that captures the emotions of wondrous possibilities. One of the poems, A Thought in the Black, even won an Outstanding Achievement Award from The National Library of Poetry! 


Bonus thriller points: if you have read two of Steven Marshall’s other books, The Banished & Soul Stealers, you’ll get to experience the full impact of this apocalyptic tragedy summed up in Resurrected Rituals. Although independent in themes, all are intertwined by the characters.


In summary, if you don’t like horrific real-life tragedy (and I totally understand that sentiment), then maybe this book isn’t your cup of tea and you should probably pass on reading it. For an obviously well- written novel, you might give it a 3 out of 5 stars, a modest rating simply because you’ll have avoided reading the uncomfortable parts and will miss out on the true overall experience. However, if you like getting scared, truly scared, from psychological horror, then this book would rate a much higher star value for you.


I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.


~Jeff Parsons
Author / Novelist 

      Brett Graham - Pretty Death Music

Direct Buy Book Link:

300 pages, 93,500 words: $12.00

*Now Available on*


Have you ever heard a song so catchy, you couldn't get it out of your head?

Everyone has, but this particular song is different. This song has the power to alter your perception, to modify the world around you. It opens up forbidden gates within your mind, releasing your deepest, darkest fears.

Four poor souls in Cannon's Mouth, Ohio are about to find out that this song is more than a little ditty you hear on the radio. And after listening to it, they will be forced to fight for their lives against their own personal nightmares.

This is not just a simple melody.

This is not a catchy tune. 

This is Pretty Death Music.


5.0 out of 5 stars
"This is the piece that's going to change history."
December 1, 2013
This review is for: Pretty Death Music (Paperback)
The book quote refers to the creation of music. Music is a blessing, a balm to the soul, inspiring, healing and cathartic, especially when our lives aren’t quite where we’d want them to be. The music can take us away to somewhere else, even if it’s only for a short time.
But sometimes change can affect us in ways we can’t even hope to imagine. Especially when the supernatural is involved. And what if the music led us to somewhere else? Ever had a cold strange feeling? That’s how it starts…
You’ll experience a strange unforeseen effect when you start reading this book - an unnerving feeling that creeps up on you.
The character development is awesome. No illusions. Gritty reality. Brilliance. Stupidity, Regret. Despair. Hope. Love. All of it packaged up within believably real people. The characters will pull you into this tragic story of a dangerous power that can destroy the world.
The plotline is smooth and logical. It makes sense. However, you will never expect what will happen until the characters are in the thick of it: surrounded by the unknown, quaking with fear, wondering what to do, finding out that options are rapidly dwindling and some harsh uncertain choices may be needed to stay alive. This is what I like in a clever story: all along, the clues were right there! Guess I got wrapped up the story?
Another good point – the story is engaging. I sighed, cringed and laughed at various parts because I’d been there and experienced very similar things in my own life. But… it goes beyond that when tragedy strikes and the characters are immersed in bizarre life-threatening situations. Mix in a supernatural element and…think about it…What happens when your fears, anger and hatred manifest themselves?
Ever had a cold strange feeling?
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
~Jeff Parsons
Author / Novelist 

     Suspentia By Brett Matthew Graham

From the 2009 SNM Horror Author of the Year, Brett Matthew Graham, SNM Publications loudly presents his 2nd print novel featuring his 6 SNM Mag published stories, 4 new ones, and a collection of his dark poetry in this ensamble called Suspentia.

"Brett Matthew Graham is a master of suspense, and he..."

Suspentia by Brett Matthew Graham on sale at $9.99


A burn victim in a convalescent home eagerly awaits to see the mysterious Dr. Spindle…A claustrophobic man falls prey to the wondrous powers of a magic hypnotist…A butcher vents his growing frustration of his boss and his recent breakup…A man tries to protect his friend and exact revenge on the town jerk… A hemophiliac clown faces his worst fear of bleeding to death in costume.

A shape-shifting mother and daughter conspire to take over the body of a celebrity actress to steal her identity and fame…A strange man owns parasites that can recreate people from their photographs…A young pop star gets more than he bargained for after he signs a contract…A room of strangers reveal their darkest secrets to a dangerous entity…A clockmaker pushes his skill to the very limits of reality and beyond.

It’s brilliantly intertwined in this masterpiece where suspense and dementia come together as one seamless nightmare...

“Not too many authors can pull off first-person present-tense stories like Graham. His words breathe as you read them. His stories are layered with sub-plots within stories. His characters are diverse and unique, as well as memorable. Graham is the modern-day thinking man’s horror. File this book between Poe and Lovecraft, where it belongs.”

--John Arthur Miller

Liquid Imagination 

5.0 out of 5 stars
Suspentia: One Suspenseful Soiree, November 30, 2012
This review is from: Suspentia (Paperback)
Suspentia is a collection of horrific stories written by the up and coming Brett Matthew Graham. This time horror enthusiasts get the chance to join Graham as he takes his reader on a suspense filled horror laden journey complete with chills, spills, and thrills into the darkness.

The ghastly, grayish pasty-face on the front cover beckons you to take a closer look, to enter into the black darkness. Upon cracking open the book, one can hear Graham's terrifying invite, "Welcome to the Soiree!" The first stop is at Dr. Spindle's House where pudding shots are served up in his creepy dungeon of a basement in this 213 page suspense filled thriller aptly named, Suspentia. Fans will be taken aback to have a drink at the Good Times Pub in Cannon's Mouth, Ohio with dear Heather from, Trespassers serving up drinks in the story. Then with a few drinks for fortification fasten your seatbelt as you finish the hair-rising ride in, "Jalopy!" Along the way, "A Letter to Arthur Fisk" is found, which will leave you wanting to go next to, "Ring Finger Blues." Only Graham can play such a haunting version of the blues! On que here come the clowns in, "Bleeder!" The bloody antics are certain to leave you feeling spent.
Part II really serves up terror that will blow your mind! If you thought the ride was rough in, "Jalopy," get ready because Graham finds his groove in, "Shifter" and shifts the suspenseful Soiree up a gear. Graham putts onward to, "Pictures" where he serves up a little picnic before taking you on to hear Brian Starr in concert in Star Struck. The eager reader may get bogged down by, "Burdens," but no worries because Graham is going to leave you remembering his Soiree for all times and gives bloody kisses that leave you knowing he rocked you with a night of horror to last you, "Until The End of Time!" But wait....the night is still young and the Soiree isn't quite over yet! Graham serves little bite sized chunks of gore for you to "Lament" the evening, as you nibble on a select group of his poems leaving you in Suspentia!

Graham is to be commended on the publication of his collection of short stories. Short stories have fallen by the wayside, overlooked by many writers in pursuit of the novel or novella. Rich Fale opens up his interview with Stephen King on the publication of King's most recent short story collection, Just After Sunset with a discussion on short stories. The jest of the discussion surrounded Fale's noting that not a lot of writer's tackle short stories anymore and as a result loose touch. King concurs with Fale. I'll get on with the conclusion of my review and not keep you in a state of, suspense regarding Suspentia. I felt it important to mention the significance of the demise of the short story first before I turn out the lights and plunge in the knife.
I give Graham 5 solid stars for the horrifically heart-throbbing,  Suspentia!

~Morgana Phenix
The Tapping Keys

 *Presenting Our Premiere SNM Published Novel*

From the 2009 SNM Author of the Year Brett Matthew Graham, SNM is proud to present his debut novel, The Trespassers. Not only has Brett co-authored a novella with the Senior Editor, he has been published at SNM 8 times, including 4 Stories of the Month. Graham continues to haunt us with stories to this day.


5.0 out of 5 stars
The Trespassers by Brett Matthew Graham, August 20, 2011

By Jeani Rector - The Horror Zine

This review is for: The Trespassers (Paperback)

The very first two sentences in the book The Trespassers reads:

"No one in the airport terminal could see Raymond Shepard's skin crawling. They couldn't see it twisting like a bed sheet thrown over a swarm of eels."

It begins with a crawling sensation on the arm or face. Slapping at a non-existent insect does no good as the sensation vibrates through the body...and changes the person.

Alex and her brother Eric live in a big house on top of a big hill, all inherited. Their property overlooks the small town of Cannon's Mouth. Alex has fainting spells and Eric is a drunk, much like the rest of the town's inhabitants. In fact, the young people in Cannon's Mouth are mostly drunks and losers that hang out at the Good Times Pub.

Alex and Eric witness the town changing into something different... something very violent as the residents of Cannon's Mouth morph en mass into murderers who kill in a frenzy of savage, crimson rage. This has happened once before, a long time ago. What is it and why is it happening again?

The Trespassers by Brett Matthew Graham begins with action and reads fluidly all throughout. The book has a polished feel as though written by a professional. It has been carefully edited by Steven Marshall of SNM Magazine fame, so you won't see any of the typos or grammatical errors too often found in other books these days.

In fact, The Trespassers has been published by SNM Book Publishing. The 6 x 9 book has a hefty feel, weighing in at 350 pages, and sold for the amazingly low retail price of $12.99. With crisp, white pages and an eye-catching cover, this is a nice book.

About the plotline: the character development goes on a bit too long in The Trespassers and there are an awful lot of characters to keep track of; but these things can easily be forgiven by the excitement Graham's writing can generate.

The descriptive prose pulls in the reader. Brett Matthew Graham has the ability and the talent to keep the reader absorbed with the fear and the violence that befalls Cannon's Mouth.

Graham creates such unique events as a woman who leaks water from her feet, a "morning after the basement party" filled with amnesia-sufferers that has nothing to do with alcohol-induced blackouts, and a morphed woman pushing herself through the rusted bars of a jail cell, deliberately breaking her own bones in order to fit better.

The Trespassers contains a lot of twists and turns. The ending is very satisfying and throws yet another surprise at the reader. All in all, despite the violence and mayhem, the reader relates to the characters and feels sorry for most of them. Although all of us have known losers who never amount to much after high school, we still would never wish the events from The Trespassers to happen to any of them.

Or would we?

~Jeani Rector
The Horror Zine 

  Jeff Parsons - Algorithm of Nightmares

Direct Buy Book Link:

“When your life becomes a dream from which you cannot wake, your nightmares slowly take shape within your own darkness, forming shadows of helpless fear, anxiety and horror. The end of sanity is near and, even though you can sense it, it is not yet defined, and is quite inescapable.” ~Jeff Parsons

Experience the dangers of knowledge without wisdom and the need to acquire magical power without the restraint to wield it, as a shaman encounters a corrupt secret agent…The desperation of a woman about to die may override the price required to stay alive from a greedy doctor…The sadistic need to hurt the one she once loved leads to the ultimate act of selfishness by a woman too jaded by her marriage to care…In a last effort to cure a disease, the government requires a few human guinea pigs for their new experiment…A conscious awakening occurs in an inanimate object that only wants to cure people’s pain…The best of intentions lead to the deadliest of consequences as a man is possessed by a demon who must do good to be spared from Hell…Hope flourishes as a devastating plague strikes down mankind in a post apocalyptic world of grim uncertainty...     

Some legends are made from the evil that men inflict upon others, just like in the Salem witch trial days…Mining operations go too deep when a team of explorers uncover an ancient myth from yesteryears past…A boy’s personal Hell is discovered when a tragedy occurs where only a strange man can show him just how the truth will set him free…Some hidden memories should be best left buried underneath the surface, where an old abandoned science lab created more than they bargained for…A rich traveler learns a valuable truth from the simple servants he employs and discovers it in a mountain of buried secrets at the Temple of Reflection. A man discovers his haunted past from the very house he inherited from his family where evil atrocities occurred -- and learns the truth of how his parents were really murdered….An archeological expedition uncovers a dark, ancient awakening as the last surviving team member reflects about it in retrospect to an ambitious journalist...

This book features 7 SNM Mag published stories and 7 new tales of nostalgia.

“Parsons has a Dean Koontz story telling style with a Clive Barker imagination.”  

~Wendy Brewer, Copy Editor for Jack Ketchum and Edward Lee

“Jeff Parsons combines historical to modern-day horror with dark fantasy, which you rarely see these days -- let alone ever!”

~Kerry Morgan, Pandora’s Imagination

“A New SNM Mag Legend is born with incredible imagination and a wide variety of engaging stories. Astonishing originality for a first-time new author novel.”

~John Arthur Miller, Liquid Imagination

4.0 out of 5 stars
Nightmares That Worm Their Way Into Gripping Nightmares! December 17, 2012
This review is for: Algorithm of Nightmares (Paperback)
Algorithm of Nightmares is written by Jeff Parsons and is a collection of 14 short stories packed into 210 frightening pages. It is Samantha Marshall's detailed handiwork on the front cover that causes this book to stand out. The screaming maggot covered face is enough to make one wonder if they will reach out and grasp you as well, repeating the algorithm of nightmares into eternity.
SNM Publishing brings Parson's horrific collection of nightmares to life and provides the reader with an easy read with a slightly larger font. This is Parsons' debut novel. He may be a neophyte as a writer; however, he has had several appearances in SNM Horror Magazine with many top placing stories. Parson's is bold and will take you on an adventure into the darkest realms of your innermost nightmares. What makes the nightmares so terrifying is the plausibility of his reality by spinning his material from real life circumstances.

The book is divided into two parts, Part I: "Souls For Keepsake" and Part II "Fantastica Nostalgia." Parsons kicks off with, "Coming Into Power." It seems to me that in "Coming Into Power" Parsons veered and left the reader wondering where the power went. This story needs a touch more of his wizardly pen as it left me hanging in too much suspense. However, the faithful reader will forgive Parsons faltering with next story, my favorite, "At Any Cost." Parsons redeems himself and from there on out he reaches out and grabs the reader, pulling you deeper. "I Need You" is a tale of a wife bored in her marriage and seeking thrills, she gets more than thrills in this chilling tale. "Astral Explorer" reminded this reviewer of Stephen King's, "Firestarter" with an experiment gone wrong and in this nightmare the ending is far from what one expects! In, "Conscious Awakening" Parsons looses his grip a little leaving his reader to plod onward to, "The Road to Hell!" Watch out for those inner demons they can be a little over dramatic when left to entertain their own nightmares. "Eternal Spring" concludes "Souls For Keepsakes" with a twist. This story is a must read!

Moving onward through nightmareland, the reader comes to Part II, "Fantastica Nostalgia." Get ready to take a step back in time where the reader really feels Parson's nostalgia for nightmares of yore. Each story builds from the previous one hedging closer to the gripping climax. Parsons drives a heart-gripping finale with the remaining stories, leaving the reader to question and then face their inner most fears. At just $9.99 you can't go wrong with this collection that will have you clutching your heart in fear and looking in the mirror in the morning wondering if that's a pimple or a maggot on your face. One thing I can say for sure is Parson's stories and backgrounds are well researched.
I give Mr. Parsons 4 out of 5 stars for his debut short story novel.
~Morgana Phenix
The Tapping Keys

  2012 Novel by Editor Steven N. Marshall

Or Order directly from

 Complete theme novella. 30k words, 160 pages. $9.95

The lost souls of the dead have found a way to enter the minds of the living. Like patient fisherman, they cast their proverbial rods into the abyss and hook the living through their dreams when they are most vulnerable. They can reach you in a coma or a deep REM sleep. They can access you through extreme inebriation via alcohol or hallucinogenic drugs. They can take over your personality and evict you from your body and assume control. To others, everything else appears to be normal, but you’re merely a ghost of your former self. Everything about you remains the same…except your personality. Everything that was once yours now belongs to them. They own your very flesh. Now you must become a fisherman if you want to regain your body…

Alex Diamond faces a new dilemma within his skipping dream from which he cannot wake. Malicious lost souls of the dead are trapped in Purgatory and have found a new home in his body. A new host of multiple personalities have taken over his mind after he wakes from a coma and he can only look on from afar unless he, too, becomes a Soul Stealer.

Alex is only just one of many unreported cases that have fallen victim to one of the greatest secrets of the human and inhuman mind, which neither science nor religion has the capacity to understand, let alone solve. What will it take and require of him to gain back his body and live life again? What infernal wisdom and secret arcane knowledge will he gain along the way?   


5.0 out of 5 stars
Cerebral Horror, October 2, 2013
   This review is from: Soul Stealers (Paperback)
To be honest, this book took me a couple of reads to really get into. I was frightened on a deep inner level that almost made me not want to read it, which has NEVER happened before in my life. I can always place it in the "it's just fiction" compartment, however this book goes beyond that and dares to become a possible reality. It really could be possible! That is why I had to finish it. I had to know that I could put it into that comfortable little compartment, only to discover. You can't. You don't know what is happening when someone is in a coma, you know you are asleep, but have you ever woken up stiff and sore and called it "sleeping wrong?"

Then, I experienced the book. I literally experienced it, not just "read" it. I went in for an MRI, anyone who has had an MRI knows you can't move, you can't do anything but think because even the music they provide isn't loud enough to drown out the noise of the machine. So what do I think about? Nate, Alex, me the reader and OMG. The brilliance and expertise of this writer fell right into my heart and I experienced his writing. I was terrified. What if this was all true and here I can't move, I can't defend myself. I have to go to sleep tonight! How will I ever feel safe in sleep ever again!

Will I sleep wrong? Will you sleep "wrong" tonight, waking up with aches and pains, wondering how does that even happen during sleep?

If you want to "experience" terror and not just read about it. Get this book. This book should be on every single horror fans bookshelf out there. Steven King, Dean Koontz, all the "other" greats didn't even cause me to tangibly experience and bring fiction to a level of possible reality like Steven N Marshall did.

I have a new compartment created by this author. "Is this really just fiction? Is this going to happen to me? How do we know it hasn't already?" And this is not comforting.

This is what real terrifying horror is all about. No one, no one does it like Steven.

Yeah, way 5 stars for me.

~Kerry Morgan
Pagan Imagination

         Short Story Collaborations Novel By SNM*

6 incredible horror/dark fiction short stories by Senior Editor of SNM Horror Mag, Steven Marshall. Section one: The Gently Series. 3 stories of grueling laments of heartbreak and tragedy. Section two: The Soulful Series: haunting apparitions, other worldly events,  channeling lost souls of the dead and beyond...

Speculative horror combined with slowly unraveling mysteries. Stories written in the wordsmith visionary tradition of Poe and Lovecraft.

Also on sale at for $12.00


5.0 out of 5 stars
Gripping Fear Poe Style!, January 6, 2013
This review is for: Gently Bleeding: (Paperback)
"Gently Bleeding" evoked all kinds of scenarios in my mind when I first laid my eyes on the cover of Steven Marshall's in this 220 page themed tragic thriller. This is Sheer Brilliance!!! Marshall is so kind and considerate when providing his fellow horror aficionados with little luxuries such as a larger paperback with larger font, making it easy on the eyes while plunging in the pen.
It's that single drop of blood splattered on the front cover that entices and excites. One wonders what kind of feast lies between the covers. The back cover of most books are often cluttered with words/praise or accolades; sometimes the publisher throws a bone to the reader to be by offering a summary like a sacrifice in some ritual. The back cover of this book is  a garish figure bound by what looks to be barbed wire.

This themed collaboration consists of six stories that will leave you breathless and bloodless after reading, "As My Pen Gently Weeps."  The metaphor story draws out the first drops of blood in this slowly unraveling mystery that will blow yourr mind. We meet a character that lament on his life as he awaits death, yet again. His pen gently weeps. Marshall gently spins a tale that would cause even fans of Nora Roberts' trilogy, "Blood Brothers" to take notice. Next comes, "As My Love Gently Bleeds: A Romance in Red." The blood starts seeping as the reader is taken into the depths of the mind of a proper eloquent doctorly type gentleman, who has a passion for gently bleeding his prey! Think, "Jack The Ripper" amplified with a degree. This story seems to peak in climax after climax until all of the blood is spent. "Wow" was all I could say after reading this chilling thriller. By the time one gets to "As My Soul Gently Seeps," the gentle bleeding starts to stain. The avid reader will never think about marriage the same again. In this story, it's more the blood of the soul and soft tearing of the heart with true heartbreak. The first 3 stories make up the Gently series Marshall had envisioned.
He begins with a uniquely original tale of the afterlife in Purgatory called The Soul Bearer, who is like a reaper of the dead, claiming their very soulforce and banishing their existence for those trying to escape death. It dips in and out of life and death until the two meet head on. Then the blood curdles as he serves up a tasty morsel called Dread & Breakfast, a story about an innkeeper who harbors terrible secrets and the curse of its keepers. This story was very engaging with colorful characters, including a seven-foot tall mutant of sorts who is the gentle giant that assists the innkeeper in whatever deeds the inn needs to keep its secrets within its walls.The final three stories slice through as the soul now gently flows out. By the time one reaches the last story, written in screenplay format, "Deep In The Woods," the life force has now gently bled out of the body.
Marshall shows his writing talents in his climatic story by choosing a different form, a short screen play. I'm not fond of plays, but Marshall shows his skillful talents and penned a bloody delight that will leave you paralyzed in fear as they plunge the knife in. I was left wondering why it had to end so soon. I wasn't immediately hooked by the last story, however, there was a reason for the madness and sequencing. After all, the title is, "Gently Bleeding..." I finally got days late.
I rate this collection top notch and give this book 5 stars! Excellent job!
~Morgana Phenix
The Tapping Keys

    Occultica - A Horror Thrillogy Novella


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5.0 out of 5 stars
It's All In Your Head!, January 17, 2013
This review is for: Occultica: A Horror Thrillogy (Paperback)
In the still of the night as we sleep, our minds remains awake. It never turns off; it serves as an antenna, a reciprocal for wayward energies and waves, perhaps inviting otherworldly entities to enter into our brains and to take over our bodies. Perhaps when people talk in their sleep, they're really talking to the otherworldly beings in their heads!

When the otherworldly, "Avon Lady" or "Traveling Salesman" calls it's merely to deliver that which was already purchased and paid for. What exactly would someone in the throes of a psychotic split or worse, possession look like? I believe the cover of Steven Marshall and Brett Matthew Graham's thriller, Occultica resembles closest the being within. What we see is merely the outwardly shell for inside lies the true apparition.

Like fine wine, my dear horror aficionados, open this book and let it breathe, tantalizing your senses with the pungent mossy stench of rotting flesh. This short 150 paged book is a mere nightcap before you settle into slumberland as told by Steven Marshall and Brett Matthew Graham. I guarantee that you will never think the same way about someone talking in their sleep after reading the first delight, "Whispers in the Dark," The longest story in this 3 story series. You will embark into another dimension. Amalgam metal fillings are the reason behind a little boy hearing voices in his head with some antenna signal, or are they? Perhaps the, "Boogey Man" really does live in the closet!
You'll find yourself turning the pages and not being able to put this book down! Brett Matthew Graham serves it up well done with a dash of spice in, "The Clacking," about these bugs that eat people's diseases. There's a price to pay for being unfaithful! Just when you think you can put this book down, Steven Marshall hooks you in and chains you to, "The Soul Bearer!" You'll never think of those, "orbs" in pictures the same way again! "The Soul Bearer" will take you to your very soul!

I give this horrific page turning psycho thriller a 5-star rating!
~Morgana Phenix
The Tapping Keys

      The Banished - By Steven Nicholas Marshall

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Complete theme novel. 70k words, 220 pages


5.0 out of 5 stars
Flesh Tingling Horror, January 20, 2013
This review is for: The Banished (Paperback)
The cover to Steven Marshall's, "The Banished" evokes the sense of idyllic serenity within us, of springtime with new life blossoming forth just like the leaves on the trees. There is nothing in that cover that portends of the horror that lies within those 220 pages.

Marshall serves it up raw and sinewy in this short, but oh so sweet, story. The gore and blood ooze like honey, sticky and sweet. The purveyor of fine horror will be hooked from the explosive beginning. Marshall reels you in slowly, carefully, as he takes you on a journey, an adventure, into another world inhabited by those which live in the shadows and crave flesh. This was Marshall's first complete theme novel following his debut novel, "Rituals of Terror," now out of print, but reborn in his latest novel, "Resurrected Rituals," now on Amazon.
Meet Yvonne and Leo, an innocent couple on a romantic picnic. Never go on a picnic into the woods in heels, it's just not the right thing to do even if they do match your dress and turn your lover on! It was a picturesque picnic until they ended up lost in many ways and on new paths. Soon they are greeted by the welcome wagon!

Yvonne serves a purpose, getting lost and encountering the creatures is no accident! There is something special about her and a reason those creatures are attracted to her. There is something inside of Yvonne that they want. Will Yvonne surrender it over?

You'll find yourself cheering on the human like flesh eating creatures of, "The Banished" even up to the very end. The plot is deep and the climax of the story will leave you shaking in your heels! I rate, "The Banished" five stars! It's thrilling, chilling, exciting, and horror at its very finest; that is to say...darkest. It really drives the plot and is more of an action horror novel with a touch of eloquence, which is a bit of a departure from Marshall's speculative works of horror & dark fiction. This is one I can see playing out in my head as a full motion picture. It's a roller coaster ride, a story of overcoming odds in survival mode and it keeps your interest throughout until the very unexpected end. 
For a first time horror novel with a twist, this is a well-deserved 5 stars. Stephen King may be the Emperor of horror, but Marshall is the Law!
~Morgana Phenix
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